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Chipping Potatoes

Our customers value consistency

The majority of our business at Allied Potato comes from Potato Chip Manufacturers out of the U.S., Canada, Asia, the Caribbean, and Central America who value our consistency in growing, packing, and shipping superior quality potatoes year round from our California, Oregon, Colorado and Washington farms.


Fresh from the field 9 months out of the year!
April through December – ship fresh from the field

Washington and Oregon

July through September — ship fresh from the field
October through May — ship from cold storage


September through May — from storage
Quality seed potatoes 9 months of the year

Chipperbec Potatoes For Fried – Allied Potato

Chipperbec Potatoes™

Perfect for French fries

Our oversized Kennebec-style potatoes are perfect for fresh-cut French fries and are more superior in taste, appearance, and fry quality than russets or any other potato variety. We offer year round production from our California, Washington and Colorado farms and target markets throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as various International destinations.

Allied White Seed Potato

California Early Seed Potatoes

Allied has one of the few seed potato operations in North America where Seed Potatoes are harvested in May of each year with the ability to ship and plant the seed August through December.


Allied Potatoes California Early Seed Potatoes

Colorado Traditional Seed Potatoes

The seed in Colorado is harvested in September and October of each year and can be shipped for planting from December through June.  Our two area’s allow us to offer seed potatoes that can be planted 11 months out of the year for nearly full year planting.  Most importantly our seed is perfect for areas that need either northern high elevation vigor or early dormancy.


Potato Varieties

Atlantic, Lamoka, Chipeta, NY115, Pike, Cal White, Clearwater Russet, Saginaw Chipper, and other varieties.


Russet Potatoes

Quality export and
preferred packing partners

We offer russet potatoes for export to many countries and have specific packing facilities we work with that are best able to maintain quality in the Pacific Northwest.  Specifically for export we specialize in 80, 90, 100 and 110 count russet potatoes.


Red & Yellow Potatoes

Wide selection — high quality

We offer a wide selection of high quality fresh potatoes in California, Oregon, and Washington that include red, yellow, russet, purple, and creamer potatoes, available nearly year round.


Countries we specialize in shipping potatoes to:

Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Trinidad and Tabago, Jamaica, and Mexico


Red Onions


White Onions


Yellow Onions

We offer a very reputable pack for onions mostly in the months from August through April from California, Washington, and Oregon.  Our products are known to be consistent in quality and we search out the best possible onions for exporting to customers who have come to know our supply and service.

Super Colossal

4" - 41/2"


3 1/4' - 4"


2 1/2" - 3 1/4"

Pre Pack

1 3/4" - 2 1/2"


under 1 3/4"