From the Farm to Your Hand


doing our part to strengthen causes we believe in

Giving Back

Helping out feels good

In addition to seeking new ways to improve our customer service, Allied Potato, Inc. devotes time, money, and resources to giving back to our community. For us, it all comes down to the welfare, education and happiness of our children—the future “Go Getters” of America. Allied lends our support to many of the worthy causes that enrich the lives of children and help shape them into thriving individuals. In 2017, Allied Potato Colorado planted our 3rd annual pumpkin patch.  It is designed to give children and their families a fun activity, sense of community, and a small appreciation for agriculture.  Crops are typically ready in late September, providing us an opportunity to give school groups and other organizations a chance to enjoy the patch.  After schools and community organizations have picked their free pumpkins, we open the patch up to the public and invite them to pick a pumpkin and enjoy some time in the patch with their family and friends.  We are excited to report that we have had visitors from as far away as 100 miles. In a single year we give away more than 10,000 pumpkins and welcome approximately 3000 people.  We are happy to be able to do this for the community and for our employees who have just as much fun as anyone that visits!

Boy Scouts of America

We at Allied believe in hard work, getting your hands dirty, and reaping the rewards of a job well done, which is why we support an organization that upholds similar values, promotes volunteerism, and is instrumental in molding young men into proud members of our community. Allied Potato supports our local Boy Scout Troupe, as well as helping sponsor Eagle Scout Projects with donations of time, labor, money and other necessary resources. We enjoy teaching scouts new skills such as how to safely use farm equipment like saws, welding equipment and drills, or how to properly tie down equipment for transport. One Eagle candidate put a living garden in an elementary school so students could learn how to successfully grow and cultivate herbs and vegetables, develop an appreciation for plant life, and learn about sustainable gardening. We are always happy to lend our expertise and resources to assist in these causes.

Annual Golf Tournament

The Boy Scouts of America’s Annual Golf Tournament helps raise funds and awareness to maintain support for an organization that has grown to more than 5000 strong in our community alone. Allied Potato takes pleasure in our annual sponsorship and participation in the golf tournament

In Support of Our Local Schools

Extra Curricular Funding and Scholarship

At Allied Potato, we believe in the importance of providing resources to our local schools to enable funding for extra-curricular activities and field trips, improved athletic events with access to modern equipment and travel expenses, and additional technology in the classrooms to enhance the educational experience. With so much of schools’ budgets going towards essential programs and activities, we wanted to delegate funds for the non-essential things important to the growth and development of our community’s children. Additionally, Allied Potato founded the John Wren Memorial Scholarship fund in memory and respect for its namesake’s vast contributions to South High School, and our community at large. Coach Wren’s tremendous impact on students and football players will forever echo in the halls and on the field of South High. Allied Potato is honored to have established this Memorial Scholarship in John Wren’s name to carry on his legacy of helping children succeed in life.

Community Action Partnership of Kern

Feeding those in need

Another cause dear to our hearts is helping provide food for our community’s economically disadvantaged. As the 9th highest rate of food hardship in the United States, CAPK Food Bank procures nearly 8 million pounds of food per year so that Kern County’s men, women and children will not go hungry. Allied Potato is committed to helping control our hunger problem, donating all excess potatoes to the Kern food bank, and happy that we can play a small part in satisfying this large need in our community.