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means year-round supply with less bruising

Allied Potato Ships Potatos Year Round

Improving Potato Quality

And more efficient delivery and service

From every Allied Potato owner boasting a family history of five generations of potato growers, to crossing into the millennium with fresh ideas and innovations—Allied Potato has demonstrated our commitment to investing in the technology that helps our customers achieve long term stability and growth. The following innovations have helped Allied Potato emerge as one of the leading potato distributors in the country.

Did we mention "year-round" yet?

That's right — fresh all year

With our strategic locations along the Western United States, Allied Potato has developed an innovative system for delivering large volumes of high quality potatoes in the shortest amount of time—year round! As the only grower of large volume chipping potatoes to offer consistent, reliable year round supply chain solutions—our customers enjoy greater stability and flexibility for their own growth and projections. Our diligent efforts in establishing warehousing close enough to the ports of Long Beach, CA, and Seattle, WA, has enabled us to export Allied potatoes to just about anywhere in the world. In addition, we handle all of our own international logistics to achieve streamlined service that expedites the process.


Ensures a higher quality product

Allied Potato understands the storage tools and requirements necessary to achieve optimal cold storage. Using the latest technology and design advances, Allied Potato built new potato storages in Washington, adding to our advanced cold storages in California that allow our potatoes to store longer with optimal airflow and humidity—resulting in reduced levels of pressure bruising, less water loss, lower shrink levels, and less rot occurrence.


Bruise Management

Our proprietary handling process

Allied Potato takes tremendous pride in developing new ways to grow, harvest and handle our potatoes utilizing comprehensive bruise-free processes. With each passing year since we began exporting potatoes, Allied has significantly improved bruise numbers with our proprietary production and monitoring system that minimizes bruise occurrences, delivering better quality potatoes to our valued customers.

Seed Potatoes Program

Another jump-start we have

Because high quality seed selection is essential to a successful potato crop, Allied Potato developed our own seed program focused on producing high quality seed potatoes throughout the year for our own use, and the use of our customers. Allied Potato harvests our seed in May and June for re-planting September thru December, giving us the distinct advantage of planting our potatoes 4 to 5 months earlier than most commercial potato producers in North America.

Transport Innovation

Unique design

In 2013, Allied Potato started out trucking company in Washington called Allied Potato Transportation, Inc. Recognizing the need for innovation in trucking, we designed a new concept for transporting our potatoes that trialed in the Northwest this year, and has already provided a key customer and our own potato packing operation with increased efficiency. Our specially designed trucks and trailers are lightweight with fewer axles, but still support maximum, legal gross weights to minimize the number of trucks per year we have on the road and greatly reduce the environmental footprint of transporting our products. With increased fuel efficiency, our trucks can haul more product with less fuel, creating a winning advantage and strategic partnership with our valued customers.