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Image for 2015 fresh harvest of Chipperbec™ Potatoes is underway

2015 fresh harvest of Chipperbec™ Potatoes is underway

New Chipperbec™ premium non GMO California chipping potatoes

Allied Potato Inc., a premier grower and distributor of chipping potatoes in conjunction with Frost Potato Co-Op are proud to announce their new Chipperbec™ branded chipping potatoes for foodservice operators and processors across the country. “The 2015 fresh potato harvest has just started in California and the quality of our new Chipperbec™ branded potatoes is looking excellent.” said Matt Hornbuckle, Chipperbec™ expert and sales manager.

About chipping potatoes

The beauty is on the inside.™ This perfectly describes these potatoes. Chipping potatoes have unique and distinctive qualities in comparison to regular potatoes. The varieties are grown specifically for use in chips and French fries. They are thin skinned and naturally lower in sugar and higher in starch. Chipperbec™ potatoes, when fried, absorb less oil than other varieties and have an appetizing light white color. They are a good source of potassium and vitamin C and are fat and cholesterol free. As with all our varieties, Chipperbec™ are non GMO and are certified by the non GMO project.

About Frost Potato Co-Op

We are the largest grower and distributor of fresh chipping potatoes for fresh cut French fries in the US. Headquartered in the San Joaquin Valley of California, we grow the highest quality potatoes throughout the West coast. We have a worldwide reputation for high quality and attention to detail to all aspects of the growing and distribution of fresh potatoes. We service processors and foodservice accounts across the United States and overseas.

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Chipperbec Brand Sales
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