Port Kelang, Malaysia

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

Keelung, Taiwan

Taichung, Taiwan

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Kobe, Japan

Hiroshima, Japan

Shibushi, Japan

Lat Krabang, Thailand

Bankok, Thailand

Panama city, Panama

Corinto, Nicaragua

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Guatemala City, Guatemala

El Salvador, Acajutla

Busan, South Korea

Manila, Phillipines

Hong Kong

Jakarta, Indonesia

Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam

Korsokov, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

Casablanca, Morocco

Alexandria, Egypt

Santos, Brazil

Port of Span, Trinidad and Tobago

Caucedo, Dominican Republic

Kingston, Jamaica

Anchorage, Alaska USA

Global Chipping Potato Supply Chain


The modern business environment demands supply flexibility and the best logistics network available for rapidly evolving and growing markets.  Allied Potato takes pride in supplying High Quality Potatoes, in LARGE Volumes, while still maintaining the Supply Flexibility our customers require to meet the changing needs of their businesses – on a Year Round basis! 



Allied Potato is the Premier — GROWER, PACKER, SHIPPER & EXPORTER — of High Quality Potatoes!


At Allied Potato, we have a hand in the quality of every potato, working meticulously to ensure optimal planting conditions, fertility and disease management, as well as monitoring crop maturity. We implement timely vine kill and weed out varieties unsuitable for export, targeting accurate soil moisture levels for vine kill and harvest. Allied meets QA targets by improving packing to regulate size, grading, drying, and proper disinfecting applications prior to shipping.



We build upon our experiences in order to overcome supply challenges, improve operations, and rise to meet increasing demands. With routine travel to our customers’ plants spanning multiple countries, we evaluate arrivals and troubleshoot from the client perspective before returning to the farm to implement prompt and effectual changes that satisfy client expectations.



Each country has varying import requirements of which we remain up-to-date and regulate accordingly:

  • Testing for Chemical residue levels, nematodes, and other pests and diseases
  • Researching the quarantine and target pests prohibited from entering specific countries
  • Working with a network of USPB, Foreign Regulatory Agencies, USDA/APHIS, and U.S. Embassies regarding trade issues, arrival disputes, and protocol negotiations
  • Knowing the shipping and handling requirements for each country prior to shipping


Our from-the-field shipping schedules are determined by optimal harvest conditions and must be coordinated with extreme diligence and advance planning. We work closely on production planning, harvest logistics, packing schedules, and inventory controls before completing the trucking and ocean shipping schedules in support of client timelines.



Every country requires different documentation to receive international shipments. Allied ensures that all shipping documents are processed correctly for the timely and efficient release of cargo in the receiving country. The packing facility must obtain required import permits, order instructions, and loading instructions to receive a phytosanitary certificate and correct bill of lading. Allied coordinates with USDA Inspectors, port authorities, grower/packers, truckers, shipping lines, forwarding agents, customs agents, and customers to ensure the proper flow and tracking of all documents to meet the timely delivery and clearance of goods ordered.