Fresh And Chipping Potato Grower, Packer and Exporter

Internationally recognized as a leading potato grower, packer and shipper, the name Allied has quickly become synonymous with superior quality potatoes.


It all starts in Bakersfield, California where several thousand Tons of the finest quality chipping potatoes are grown, packed and shipped 10 Months out of the year. With potato planting operations running 7 months out of the year and potato harvest running 10 months out of the year, Allied Potato has the ultimate advantage in creating the most dynamic supply solutions and flexibilities for Every Customer in almost any Country.   


Year-Round Growing and Shipping

Having the capacity to ship California Potatoes from March through December and the ability to ship Oregon and Washington Potatoes from our Northwest operations from July through May, Allied currently enjoys the largest 12 month growing and shipping operations for chipping and Chipperbec™ potatoes. Our progressively expanding supply markets are tirelessly built around consistent harvest quality, precision timing, and the best team of expert employees we could ever hope to assemble.


Exporting high quality chipstock, seed, and fresh potatoes has become a very successful specialty of ours, with thousands of Tons exported 52 Weeks out of the year to destinations in Canada, Mexico, Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, the Caribbean, Brazil, and Central America.

The Allied Mission

At Allied Potato, we continually strive to optimize production practices, as well as develop new potato varieties that undergo rigorous testing to measure up to Allied’s high standards. We are exceedingly dedicated to improving the potato industry as a whole, and have earned a reputable standing in an industry that has been our life-long passion.


Allied Potato Varieties
Pike, NY115, Lamoka, Snowden, and Chipperbec™ Potatoes
Russets, Reds, White, Yellow, Purple, and Creamer Potatoes